Q: Is Liberty Driving School approved by Government?

Yes, it is certified by Government of Alberta.


Q: How can I register for driver training program?

You can give us a Call, Text or Email: libertydrivingschoolltd@gmail.com


Q: What is the next class room date?

We have class room every second Sunday except statutory holidays. But you can double check the schedule on the web or give us a call.


Q: How long can I wait before I have to start my driving lessons?

It's up to you when ever you want to start.


Q: Do I have to finish my classes before I can start my in-car training?

No, we give you the option of doing your classes and in-car lessons side-by-side or you may begin your in-car lessons after completing the classes. It’s your choice.


Q: How much Discount will I get with Insurance Discount Certificate?

The insurance discount certificate is recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion. Discount rates vary with each insurance company. Also, depending on area you live in, Make and Model of your Vehicle, Your age all these factors will affect your insurance. Its better to check with your insurance company.


Q: What are the requirements to book class 5 GDL road test?

You must be 16 year or older and you must hold learner’s license for at least one year.


Q: Can I use School’s car for the road test?

Yes, you can rent School’s car for the road test.


Q: I have a full license from another country, can I transfer to get a full Alberta license?

It depends on what country you are coming from. For more details, please check the link below.