Major Classroom Topics:


Alberta licensing system
Alberta Highway Traffic Acts & Regulations

Signs, signals & markings

The vehicle & its components

Sharing the road

Defensive driving & collision prevention

Highway Driving

Adverse driving conditions

Alcohol & consequences of impaired Driving-Criminal Code & Highway Traffic Act convictions

Insurance (type & no-fault/at-fault regulation)

Fuel Efficiency


Getting a good drivers education is an investment in your own future, and in that of general road safety. The one-time investment will not only keep you safe, but also contribute to yearly insurance savings. This is a small price to pay when it comes to the matter of one’s life.


Oftentimes students master the in class portion of the education, but need more car time with our professional instructors before feeling comfortable driving on their own. We encourage taking as much time as needed to become comfortable with the vehicle and on the road. Different people learn at different paces. In order to accommodate these differences Liberty Driving School offers additional in-car training lessons. Each hourly In-Car Training lesson can be purchased.


Classroom Schedule Note: If you miss one of the class room, you have choice to attend the next available. Please Call for Registration.